"I've always known that Leroy Aiello was great; after all, he's been working on my guitars since the mid-90's. But he really outdid himself when repaired my Super 400.

After United Airlines broke the head stock in two places, I was literally in tears. I brought the guitar to Leroy. What's so special about him is his integrity, meticulousness, and his patience.

He will not release an instrument from his care until he is absolutely certain that it is in impeccable condition.  My instrument looks great, feels great, and sounds great.  No one else will ever touch my guitars.  Thanks, Leroy.  You're the best."

Russell Malone 

"I'm seriously thinking of nominating Leroy for sainthood. Why? Because the man performs miracles! The word "restoration" simply doesn't do justice to the artistry, skill, and experience he unleashes in that workshop.

There's not an instrument so damaged or neglected that he can't put back together, maybe better than before. I've seen it---and, more to the point, I've heard it---for myself."

Graham Maby
bass player for Joe Jackson, Natalie Merchant, and many others

"For as long as I can remember, Leroy has been “the guy” for me with any work I need done with my guitars. The attention he gives to every instrument he works on is truly amazing. I like my guitars set up a certain way, and Leroy understands how each player is different, so when we talk about playability and the ’feel’ of the instrument, he totally gets it. He gives great care in tailoring my instruments to exactly how I want them to sound and play. Every time I get one of my guitars back from his shop, it always plays amazing!

Recently, he had just re-fretted a few of my guitars, and they feel and play better than ever. The quality of his work and craftsmanship is second to none. I have been a customer,

(and a good friend), for years, and will always trust my instruments in the hands of this gifted craftsman. In the galaxy of guitar repair, seek Leroy you must - the Yoda of guitar."

Michael Romeo
Symphony X

"I've been having Leroy Aiello work on my guitars since I was 15 years old when he over hauled my 1st Les Paul Custom. Leroys work speaks & plays for itself. His craftsmanship & attention to every fine detail on the instrument is simply outstanding! Everything from the most basic setup to fret jobs & snapped headstocks.

It just comes back feeling incredible when you play it. He's the consummate professional & it shows even further in his personal dealings with the client as well. I can't say enough great things about Aiello Guitars... just pick up anyone of my guitars and you understand why!."

Mike Orlando
Adrenaline Mob, TRED , Sonic Stomp

"As you’ll see when you get to my name, I’m nobody. And that’s precisely my point! Leroy Aiello has been taking superb care of my guitars for over 20 years, and has always treated me as though I were a guitar somebody (just like those guys in the other testimonials here).

There is no one more talented or whom I trust more with my treasured pre-war Martins, Gibsons, D’Angelicos and other instruments, vintage and new. Highly attentive, ceaselessly patient, humble and totally committed to understanding--and making your guitar work for--your particular playing preferences and quirks. Leroy will make your guitar sound, feel and play right."

David Ebert
A satisfied nobody

"I have been working with LeRoy for the past several years, and all I can say is that he is the absolute best! No one has been able to get my instruments to play and feel as well as he has, and his work is impeccable. I would not trust my D'Aquisto's or Campellone's with anyone else. He is truly an artist and craftsman."

Steve Martinucci

"Leroy has been working on my guitars for at least the last twelve years.

Every time I give him one of my guitars for repair and/or modification, I'm totally amazed by the quality of work, the feel and sound of the instrument. I'm telling you, many of my guitars were brought back to life by Leroy. My Kay Guitar for Slide(added a pickup, setup, and made an exact replica of the pickguard), Telecaster(new neck, pickups and setup. One of my favorites Teles I own), 1936 Washburn Parlor guitar(reset the finger board and made a new bridge), Fender Strat(new neck, pickups and setup), Lowden Acoustic guitar and '59 Les Paul Jr.(various repairs).

Leroy has always given me great advice on repairs and instruments in general. He knows what he's doing and not only he has skilled hands, he has a creative mind. He's a craftsman and an artist. I'm very satisfied every time I get my guitar back from Leroy..."

Marvin Sewell

"I’ll keep this simple – Leroy Aiello is simply the best. I have played D’Aquisto guitars for my entire life and he is the only man who touches those frets.

Leroy improved the sound of my 1974 D’Aquisto –no easy feat. His work is impeccable. He treats each guitar in his shop like one of his children and he puts full attention and love into each guitar. Amen!."

Peter Rogine
Chairperson Guitar Dept.
Five Towns College, Dix Hills, NY