I learned how to set up and maintain my own guitars in the late 80’s. I got the opportunity to travel as a road tech where set ups and basic maintenance became a daily routine.

In between touring with Joe Jackson and Marshall Crenshaw as a guitar technician, I was fortunate enough to apprentice at Mandolin Brothers with Flip Scipio. In 1991 I packed away my suitcase to dive into the world of vintage guitar repair and restoration. Mandolin Brothers exposed me to some of the finest stringed instruments in the world and Flip taught me the skills and respect needed to care for these musical works of art.

In 1996, Flip left Mandolin Brothers to start his own shop at which time I took his place as the Head of the Repair Shop. From Jan 1996 to June 2010 I performed restorations, both routine and extraordinary, on D’Angelico’s, 19th and 20th century Martins and many other classic and rare vintage guitars. Authentication and appraisals were also part of my responsibilities.

In 2010, I left Mandolin Bros to open Aiello Guitars.

It’s always been about taking an instrument that “Used to be special” and transforming it into an instrument that “Is special”. Whether it’s a setup, or a full restoration, I’ve always felt that each guitar or mandolin shouldn’t be just a “routine job”. The end result is always in my head before I even start. The before and after is the brass ring for me!

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